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Our game servers give you complete control over the computer running your game server.

Averaging less than 20¢ per server slot, our Ventrilo server prices are very competitive.

Averaging under 40¢/server slot, you can't find a better value on Teamspeak 2 servers.

Our dedicated servers give you total access to the server running your game servers.
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You can download a custom-made map!

I've been using the services for merely a few days now, though I can see a big difference from my previous provider. I was told that was a worthy choice, but I was also recommended to a different provider. I tried out the cheaper one since someone told me, they were about equal..

Dead wrong.

On my previous host, I'd make a support ticket and wait about 24 hours for a response. Even then, the response would be incorrect or unhelpful. I tried to look past the support, but then the server quality also went downhill. The first day when there were 12 people and all were friends.. it was okay. If anything, we noticed that the 'fast speed server' wasn't so fast and it took 3-5 minutes to download a map. We were dealing with it, though then when new people came around they left shortly due to terrible rates.

So, I took the extra money out of my pocket and came to here. I'm glad I did ever since! I'm quite a '****' with Counter Strike servers.. so I have created a few tickets so far. Each one has been helpful and I see the forums look even more helpful! In addition to that, my 100 tick server is running beautifully.. and I just can't complain.

Keep doing great business.. and I'll always be the one to keep praising and paying.

Exclusively Counter-Strike

We host Counter-Strike servers only on Counter-Strike machines! We know and specialize in Counter-Strike.

Instant Setup

Game Servers are setup within minutes. Why wait hours for other companies?

Clan Play

Easily have people donate directly to your account.

Free Technical Support

We provide your customers with free technical support. You don’t have to do anything!

Advanced Network

We use Internap bandwidth and other top tier bandwidth to ensure the fastest connection possible to your server.

Game and Location Switching

You can switch to a different game or location at any time. No cost.

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