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Instant Activation!

Game Servers are setup within minutes.

Why wait hours for other companies?

100 Tick Rate / Ping

All 100 Tickrate servers that we sell are true 100 tick rate.

To get true 100 tick rate your server must be ping boosted.
All of our servers are ping boosted.
Our servers are perfectly optimized for Counter-Strike.

Group Pay / Clan Pay

Easily have people donate directly to your account.

Game and Location

You can switch to a different game type at any time. No cost.

Intel E3 1240 V3

Experience ultra smooth game play on our servers featuring at MINIMUM: Intel E3 1240 V3 Processors. Hardware is the most important factor when picking a host. Look for only the best.

Intel E3 1240 V3 Processors
32+ Gigs ECC Ram
Hardware RAID w/ CacheVault

Free Support

Open a ticket 24 hours a day and someone from our experienced support staff will respond to it quickly. We provide many different ways you can get support. We're here to help.

Opening Tickets within the Control Panel
Online Chat Support
Phone Support


We host Counter-Strike servers only on Counter-Strike machines!

We know and specialize in Counter-Strike.
Our Counter-Strike servers are dedicated to Counter-Strike only.

Advanced Network

We use Internap bandwidth and other top tier bandwidth to ensure the fastest connection possible to your server. Internap is one of the most highly rated providers of bandwidth and when looking at a game server company this needs to be considered.

No need to worry about the connection to your server.
Improved pings.

Powerful Control Panel / Full FTP Access

Stop/Start your server with one click.
Install the most popular mods with one click.
Full FTP Access to your server.
Reinstall your server any time you want with a single click.

24/7 Server Monitoring

Servers are monitored 24 hours a day.
Your server will have the resources needed to make game play as smooth as possible.

Advanced Mods

Install any mod you want!
File manager included
Full mod control!

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